Ironman Barrier TL4


The Ironman is the first Australian designed and manufactured portable steel safety barrier which achieves up to Test Level 4 as a longitudinal redirecting barrier under AS/NZS3845-1999.

Ironman offers a fully compliant barrier with an installed effective length of either 4 or 12m per segment, and utilizes a vertical steel pivot pin to interlink each module allowing the system to follow curves of up to six (6) degrees per segment.

The Ironman can be deployed as a free standing system or used with a range of end treatments (Please check with your Road Authorities as to the end treatments approved in your state) It's lightweight and stackable design allows up to 144 meters to be transported on one truck, offering huge transport savings when compared to traditional concrete barriers, with no need for special heavy lifting cranes or crews.

Ideal for large or small road projects offering a wide variety of usage options. Ironman can be pinned for minimal deflection, can be fitted with jockey wheels for maneuverability or as a simple median gate should traffic require diverting in the work site for any reason.

Length Installed 4m 12m
Height 820mm 820mm
Width 530mm 530mm
Weight 400kg 1200kg
Order Code F1302000 F1302002

Key Features

  • Protects motorists, and workers
  • Easy to transport and stack
  • Easy to unload and relocate
  • TL-4 compliant
  • Australian design

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